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Arizona basketball recruiting priorities emerge

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June 22, 2022

There were many fun recruiting takeaways from this past weekend at the Section 7 high school basketball tournament in Glendale, Arizona, but perhaps the most amusing involved observing the genius of Arizona basketball coach Tommy Lloyd.

Many times during a prospective player’s game, Lloyd appears to be catching up with old friends or scanning his phone instead of actually watching the game, but the moment a consequential play occurs Lloyd is directly watching or clearly observing out of the corner of his eye.

Tommy Lloyd gets it.

Now let’s get to the recruits that emerged at Section 7.

-Carter Bryant, 2024, small forward, Fountain Valley (Calif.) Fountain Valley

-Bryant didn’t post huge numbers this past weekend, rather it’s how a player looks at these events and Bryant checks off every box as he showcased a long 6-foot-8 frame equipped with good but not great athleticism and possesses the agility to get to his desired jump shot spot on the court.

Bryant’s high release and soft touch on his jumper only enhances his scoring prowess.

As is the case with most prospects his age, Byrant’s dribble is too loose but there is no doubt he will develop it to where he needs to because his handle is fluid. It just needs refinement.

Lloyd has made no secret that roster continuity will be a major factor with any offer, and with the entire UA staff shadowing him, Bryant did nothing to dissuade his priority status as the first 2024 recruit with an Arizona offer.

Bryant has noticed as he talked about his appreciation for Arizona offering him before any other prospect in his class.

Arizona will be in this recruitment until the very end.

-Cody Williams, 2023, small forward, Gilbert (Ariz.) Perry

The top 50 in-state prospect was somewhat inconsistent but there is no doubting his talent or character, both of which explain Arizona’s decision to offer Williams Monday night.

Though Williams is being packaged by some as a point guard, he isn’t, he does have a solid handle for a shooting guard while showing a competent shot and understanding of the game.

Williams is physically immature but you can tell that late-blooming potential is there.

Combined with a good background and athletic pedigree, this is the kind of player a program wins with.

The main concern with Williams is his motor and the appearance he isn’t going full speed all the time.

Good coaches can bring that drive out in a player and the guess is that if Williams joins the 2023 class of Kylan Boswell and K.J. Lewis, they will form a special group.

At the point guard position two priorities have emerged in 2024 prospects Zoom Diallo and Dedan Thomas.

-Zoom Diallo, 2024 Tacoma (WA) Curtis point guard Tacoma (WA) Curtis

Diallo is a far more physically imposing point guard than Thomas. Much of Diallo’s game is built off strength and explosion as his broad shoulders and power enable him to finish or assist in the paint; it’s hard to imagine an athletically more impressive 2024 point guard than Diallo.

Diallo made no secret that he wants to be recruited by the best schools in the country so it makes sense that Lloyd extended an Arizona offer Tuesday night.

If Lloyd offers a player he extends the scholarship knowing he has a legitimate chance of signing that player.

-Dedan Thomas, 2024, point guard,Las Vegas (Nev.) Liberty

Thomas is smaller in stature than Diallo but possesses more hesitation and dribble maneuverability with a quicker release on his jumper. It will be interesting to see where he ends up physically because the skills are there but he’s not a next level athlete.

He clearly possesses the demeanor, college upside and skills to elicit the Arizona offer he earned Monday night.

-Top-5 2023 power forward Kwame Evans didn’t play in Section 7 but the buzz right now is that Arizona is the team to beat.

Evans is still taking visits but Arizona has to love how a prospective 2023 recruiting class is starting to look.

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