In this episode Chierstin Susel, Johnny Venerable and Frank Sanders breakdown a rollercoaster day for the Arizona Cardinals: How the absence of Kliff Kingsbury and others that tested positive for COVID-19 will have on the team, and what acquiring TE Zach Ertz means for the team’s potential this season.

On this episode, Jesse and Derek discuss the series finale of the NLDS, what we have to look forward to in the next round, and what the D-backs team of former players from this year’s playoffs would look like.

On today’s episode, Craig, Leah and Petey give their predictions for the NHL regular season. Who will make the playoffs from each division? Will Seattle follow in Vegas’ footsteps? Who will win the Stanley Cup? And much more.

Would you rather watch a regular season game court-side or a high-stakes playoff game from the nosebleeds? Would you rather have Chris Paul rest for 10-15 games & finish 3rd but be rested or play all games & finish 1st but be burned out? We’re answering all the burning questions on today’s audio only show!

On this episode, Derek and Jesse talk about the final game of the Division Series, how Opening Day for the Arizona Fall League keeps year-round baseball going in AZ, and the mental health crisis with minor league players and their living conditions.