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If this is the end, Chris Paul dramatically impacted the Phoenix Suns for the better

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June 9, 2023

Analytics has taught us three is more than two in basketball. 

Common logic tells us $30.8 million is more than $15.8 million which is more than $3.16 million.

The Chris Paul situation is as simple as that. The Phoenix Suns have to do creative accounting to make it possible to build a championship roster around Kevin Durant and Devin Booker thanks to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Sure, there is a chance the Suns waive Paul saving $15.8 million and he returns for the Veteran Minimum but it’s just as likely they waive and stretch him saving another $12 million and opening up even more possibilities in free agency. Hell, ESPN’s Bobby Marks says the latter is most likely to happen.

But if this is the end of the CP3 era in the Valley, we can’t judge him on the typical ‘what have you done for me lately?’ mentality. The Point Gawd needs to be recognized for how he dramatically changed the Suns fortunes over his time in purple and orange.

How did he change things?

Chris Paul NBA Finals jersey

He reminded the rest of the NBA that Phoenix is a destination. 

His arrival was the official end of the dark era, the period when somehow this great franchise fell so far from grace that it was a laughingstock.

CP3, by saying, ‘I want to be in Phoenix, that’s the destination I want to go to more than anywhere else in the league. I want to play with Devin Booker’, that changed the entire perspective before he even stepped on the court. 

Then when he took them to the finals, it reminded the entire league again, ‘Oh, crap. This team could be a juggernaut, because it’s a great city and unbelievable fan base, and they have a star in Devin Booker.’ 

Without Paul there is no finals run, there is no Kevin Durant and maybe there isn’t the transformation of Book from star to MVP candidate.

The Point Gawd needs to be recognized for how he dramatically changed the Suns fortunes over his time in purple and orange.

There’s also no championship window without CP3 making that decision. 

You’ve got to give him all the credit in the world. All this came down to is math that $30.8 million was too much for the production at that point, with the enormous salaries of KD, Book and Deandre Ayton. 

This is not a condemnation of Chris Paul, the person or the player, or what he’s done for the city of Phoenix. What he’s meant to this team is unbelievable. 

If Chris Paul comes back on the minimum, applaud him for his sacrifice at the home opener. If he gets waived and signs elsewhere, give him a standing ovation in his return to the Footprint Center and if he gets traded, do the same. The current situation has everything to do with simple math and nothing more.

Without the Point Gawd in the Valley, we’d probably still be in the dark and not have seen the light and even analytics back up CP3 is greater than the 10 years before his arrival. 

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