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New Voice. Old Friend

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September 13, 2023

Sometimes nice guys don’t finish last. In fact, sometimes they finish first. 

For the first time in over 50 years when Phoenix Suns fans turn on the radio and tune into a game they won’t hear the dulcet tones of the legend Al McCoy. As we all know, change can be difficult. Hell, it can be downright scary if you don’t have someone trusted and familiar to help you through it. 

Enter Jon Bloom. 

Bloom, known by his friends and colleagues as Bloomer, was named the team’s permanent voice on Wednesday and is the perfect person for the job. He is a broadcaster familiar to fans, has hosted the postgame show since 2008 and has covered most Suns road games as the fill-in play-by-play man for McCoy the last two seasons. He has the perfect mix of reverence for the indelible mark that his predecessor left on the Valley and an understanding of where the future of broadcast is heading. 

But that’s not the only reason that his ascension through the Suns broadcast ranks makes perfect sense. His love for the team goes well beyond his time with the organization and gives him the insight and passion necessary to usher in a new era, and can be trusted to do so in his own style. 

Growing up in Northern California, Jon loved sports and in particular hoops. When a young point guard named Kevin Johnson from the University of California found his way to Phoenix after a franchise changing trade with Cleveland, Bloom was hooked. 

The young man from the Golden State boarded the Cotton Express, was mesmerized by the Purple Gang from Phoenix and stayed a fan while at Syracuse University and Michigan. Then, as a professional broadcaster, he was lucky enough to cover the Seven Seconds or Less Suns all the way to the next chapter led by Book. 

He knows the history of the Valley’s first franchise and appreciates where it has been and where it is going. He’s seen the game through the eyes of a fan and learned the business of the NBA from a true legend in McCoy. 

That’s not all there is to Bloom though. I had the pleasure of working with both him and McCoy for the better part of five seasons. I called preseason games with Jon and had the honor of being his postgame co-host on Al’s broadcast.  During that time I was afforded the unbelievable opportunity to get to know both men. 

There isn’t a better person to carry on McCoy’s legacy than Bloomer. His ability to call a game and paint the mental picture necessary on radio is at the highest level. His kindness and passion for the Valley is palpable. He’s a truly supportive teammate, a dedicated #GirlDad and a fiercely loyal friend even in the hardest of times. 

Radio is an intimate medium. As you welcome a new voice into your homes and hearts, know that with Jon Bloom you’re in good hands, because I always was. He’ll make the transition as seamless as possible and before you know it, you’ll have a new basketball friend.

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